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Agency Affiliate Program

Your Clients will love CLEAN

You'll love the commission on each referred sale. Plus you'll have super happy clients.


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This Program is designed for...

HubSpot Agency Partners, as well as, Inbound Marketing firms that specialize in the HubSpot platform. Simply put, if you provide services to help clients build, redesign, or migrate their website to HubSpot, this program is for you.

CLEAN, One of The Most Flexible Themes

The CLEAN series is the dream template foundation for agencies. Yes, it looks absolutely awesome right out of the box. However, the real beauty is how flexible it is when creating completely unique web pages that, well... DON'T look like a template.

After all, the last thing you want to do is start to building cookie-cutter websites that all look the same for each client.  


How It Works

First steps

To become eligible for the affiliate program, your agency must have first-hand experience using the CLEAN series.  That could be on behalf of a client, for your own agency's website or by simply purchasing the CLEAN Theme to test drive.

Once your application is approved, I'll send you the official affiliate agreement to sign along with the applicable tax documents. Then you're off to the races.


Commission Structure

I'm a big fan of two things. Simplicity and incentives. This is exactly why I've structured the program in this way.

  • Earn 20% for the first 10 clients referred ($200/sale)
  • Earn 40% for every referred client after the first 10 ($399/sale)

* Commissions are only eligible for sales of the CLEAN Theme or CLEAN Premium Pack


Monthly Payouts

All affiliate sales will be tallied and commissions distributed 30 days after the sale was made and will be paid out via Paypal


Proof of Client Referral (Sale attribution)

Once you're accepted into the program you'll be sent a unique link that you'll want to bookmark. Each time you refer a sale, click that link and fill out the simple form. You'll need the HubID of the account you referred. So, have that handy.

Zapier and a ton of zaps will take care of the rest. 




Have a question that you don't see listed here? Feel free to contact me.

  • How are template updates handled?

    Updates to the CLEAN series are always free for both you and your clients. This means that when future versions of the CLEAN series are released, you're able to download the latest templates for no additional cost.

  • Instead of commission can I have a discount code?

    HubSpot doesn't have a feature that would allow me to provide you with a discount code for you or your client to use at purchase. If it's imperative that you pass the savings on to your client, simply contact me and we can work some magic out.

  • Can we get a commission on our first purchase?

    Sorry, but no. In order to be considered for the affiliate program you must purchase the full CLEAN Premium pack on behalf of your agency or a client and have experience working with it.  Commissions will take effect only after the affiliate agreement has been signed by both parties.  You and me. :)

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