Everything you need to know about migrating your website from WordPress to HubSpot.

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    Everything you need to get started with HubSpot's CMS and build your CLEAN website.

    No developer is needed.  This complete 3-part series includes a step-by-step guide to high-fives all around the office.


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      The CLEAN Theme

      Take full advantage of the new and improved HubSpot CMS experience with the CLEAN theme.

      Theme Support & Reference

      Have a question and looking for an answer? I've likely got a video for that or an article that covers it.

      Built for Speed, Performance, AND an awesome UX.

      Google PageSpeed Insights is the gold standard in analyzing the speed and performance of a website. Here is how CLEAN Pro ranks. Not too shabby for a media-rich page.


      Report generated: Tues, March 7, 2023, based on Home Page - Opt 1.

        CLEAN Pro vs. Lite

        Let me help you figure out which version of CLEAN is right for your company.


        Side by Side Comparison

        Obviously, the more you pay the more you get. Here is a breakdown of the features that are included in both the Pro and the Lite versions of CLEAN. 

        CLEAN Lite CLEAN Pro
        $ 197
        one time

        $ 997
        one time
        Custom Modules
        Hero Banner
        Icon and Text
        Select from almost 1,000 icons to help you pair a visual aid with your content.
        Image Gallery Grid
        A simple way to add a lot of images that will repeat in a grid pattern down the page. Perfect to show a bunch of logos or portfolio items.
        Logo Scroller
        Just as the name says, this module lets you upload images that will automatically scroll and display on the page.
        Image and Text Opt 2
        A two-column content module that lets you set an image on one side and content on the other with some extra cool design options.
        Multi-Column Accordion
        This accordion module is super flexible and versatile allowing you to keep the page looking clean while allowing for extra content to be displayed with a click.
        Multi-Column Content
        One of the most versatile modules in the CLEAN series. There isn't much this module can't do.
        Simple Pricing Table
        Display different packages and pricing your company offers.
        Team Profile Cards
        Easily display different team members in your company.
        Testimonial Cards
        Easily display customer testimonial cards in a single row.
        Content Slider
        Create various types of content sliders with this single module.
        Magic Module
        Simply put, a module that can do basically everything. It's magic.
        Video Gallery
        This module makes it easy to create a gallery of video thumbnails that will pop-up and play an embedded video.
        Blog Post Cards
        Gives you the ability to dynamically pull in blog post cards to any of your web pages.
        Hero Slider
        Card Flippers
        This handy module lets you display content on the back of a card that gets triggered when a visitor hovers or clicks on the card
        Content Filter Opt 1
        Gives you a way to add a bunch of content cards that a visitor can easily filter and sort through.
        Content Filter Opt 2
        Gives you a way to add a bunch of content cards that a visitor can easily filter and sort through. This version includes a search option and a different design.
        Count Down Timer
        Perfect for a coming soon page or events page.
        Flexi Cards
        These cool little cards that include an image and content are fantastic for jumping-off points to other pages.
        Form Wizard
        This handy module helps you create a form flow with a series of steps.
        Event Schedule
        A cool little module that lets you show off the day's schedule for an event. It can also be used in a number of different creative ways.
        Hover Cards
        This cool module is great for displaying images that reveal additional content when a visitor hovers over them.
        Image and Text Opt 1
        A two-column content module that lets you set an image on one side and content on the other with some extra cool design options.
        Image Grid Row
        Let's you create a single row of images with a handful of additional design options included.
        Masonry Image Gallery
        Perfect to show a range of images that have different ratios or sizes and allows the visitor to click the image to enlarge.
        Job Listing Table
        If your company is hiring, this is a great module to display the position and department or location.
        Map and Text
        A cool little two-column module that lets you embed an interactive google map on one side and any content you like on the other.
        Meeting Scheduler
        A module that integrates HubSpot's meeting feature.
        Number Count Up
        Perfect when you want to display some cool metrics on the page to impress visitors to your website.
        Price Comparison Table
        That's the module you're looking at right now to display all these cool options.
        Social Sharing
        Easily add Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin sharing buttons to any page.
        Tabbed Content
        When you want to create content containers on the page that are separated by different tabs a visitor can click.
        Testimonial Scroller
        When you really want to show off a killer testimonial this will let you set up as many as you like which will auto-scroll on the page.
        Let's you create a timeline or step-by-step process on your website. It's super flexible and easy to work with.
        Video and Text
        Awesome two-column module to embed video on one side and content on the other.
        Video Carousel
        When you have a bunch of videos you want to display together, you'll love this module.
        Accordion Menu
        Great when you want to add a little sidebar with anchor links to a different section of the page.
        Awesome Features
        Parallax Scrolling
        Great to give the page fluidity as a visitor scrolls.
        Content Animations
        Fade content in, slide it in, you name it. You'll have that ability in a majority of the custom modules.
        "Wave" Dividers
        A cool little feature that gives you different "wave" options to separate the content rows.
        Rotating Headlines
        A cool feature of the Hero Banner module that let you rotate through different words as part of the main headline.
        Mega Menu
        The extra-large and in charge navigation menu allowing you to customize it to your liking.
        Video Backgrounds
        Add video clips instead of background images to rows that will automatically get stitched together and play. Even on a mobile device!
        Lottie File Integration
        Easily add Lottie files to a variety of custom modules in CLEAN. These are super cool and lightweight animated images.
        The Super Sidebar
        Part of the global navigation that gives the visitor to open a sidebar menu that can include additional links, a form, video, etc.
        Theme Updates
        New modules, improved modules, bug fixes, etc.
        Very frequent
        Coming soon to the Happy Center.
        Offered on a case-by-case basis when a Loom screen recording won't cut it.
        2 Free Hours of Customizations
        Perfect when you need one of the CLEAN modules customized for your specific use case.
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