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Take your brand from barely noticed to wildly loved with my Brand Canvas and 3-Step Guide.

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    Everything you need to get started with HubSpot's CMS and build your CLEAN website.

    No developer is needed.  This complete 3-part series includes a step-by-step guide to high-fives all around the office.


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        Magic Module

        Find a bug? Maybe you have some feedback or idea for improvement. You're in the right spot and I really appreciate your help.


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        What's Planned and in Progress

        I'm a fan of transparency and assume you appreciate it too.  

        • Background image option for Tablet and Mobile
        • Ability to add to Modal Pop-up buttons in a row.
        In progress for next release (v64):
        Updated in v62-63
        • Fix for rotating text when it first loads to eliminate all words from flashing.
        • Full-screen background fix.
        • z-index fix for the row
        Updated in v60
        • Lottie File placement bug when multiple lotties are used.
        Updated in v59
        • Visibility options to hide/show on different devices
        • Specific icon size setting in pixels vs. % for better consistency.
        • Icon respects theme default color
        • Full-Screen Background Option
        • Z-index control for parallax elements
        • Video as a Content Element
        • Border/Outline fixed in Safari browser