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      The CLEAN Theme

      Take full advantage of the new and improved HubSpot CMS experience with the CLEAN theme.

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      Have a question and looking for an answer? I've likely got a video for that or an article that covers it.

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        Clean Pro Updates

        It just keeps getting better.

        Nothing excites me more than releasing a new and improved version of Clean Pro. It's an opportunity to create even cooler and more flexible modules that incorporate your valuable feedback and ideas. 

        So keep em' coming!

        Share Your Idea

        Attention! For all theme update v81 and beyond...

        Please visit the new release notes page.


        Released: Feb. 29, 2024

        Very Important!  Watch this video before installing the update if you are currently on v78 or prior.

        New Module:
        • Introducing the Flexi-Tabs Module
        • Magic Module - New custom form label color options.
        • Versa Cards: Add your own placeholder text for the search field
        • Global Header - Arrow dropdown and language switcher color
        • Global Footer - Social icon color
        • Meeting Calendar - Background color



        Released: Feb. 6, 2024

        Very Important!  Watch this video before installing the update.


        I've given a complete makeover to all of our Clean Pro templates, making them more modern and sleek. So, if you're upgrading from a previous version, don't worry! You'll still have access to the original templates too.



        Released: Nov. 28, 2023
        • Video Gallery
          • Option to add a drop shadow to the video card as well as other styling options
        • Blog Post Thumbnails - Listing
          • Ability to set all featured images to the same height
        • Related Blog Posts
          • Ability to set all featured images to the same height
        • Video Playlist
          • Now supports having multiple on each page.
        • Versa Cards
          • Auto-height feature fixed when card is a link
        • Accordion Menu
          • The sticky feature is now fixed
        • Global Header Side Menu
          • Fix for sub-menu background color

        If you're jumping to v78 from a version before v62 be sure to have a look at this article.

        I appreciate you!


        Released: Nov. 9, 2023
        • New Video Playlist module
          • Now you can create a seamless playlist utilizing HubSpot videos
        • Versa Cards
          • Better pagination navigation when you have a lot of cards
        • Magic Module
          • New form option so you can select specific people to get notified when a form is submitted.
        • Accordion Menu
          • Sticky feature is now fixed

        If you're jumping to v76 from a version before v62 be sure to have a look at this article.

        I appreciate you!


        Released: Oct. 16, 2023

        Animated Gradients comes to the following modules:

        • Magic Module
        • Versa Cards
        • Content Slider
        • Count Up
        • Countdown Timer
        • Video Gallery
        • Related Blog Posts
        • Magic Module
          • Mobile stacking order
          • Form width sizer
        • Global Header
          • Mega menu background color for sub-nav items.

        If you're jumping to v75 from a version before v62 be sure to have a look at this article.

        I appreciate you!


        Released: Oct. 5, 2023
        Magic Module:
        • New Accordion Content Element
        • Versa Cards Module
          • Auto height display fix when flexi card is set to be a link
          • Search function when using a capital letter
        • Mega Menu
          • Hover fixed when you mouse over the dropdown arrow

        If you're jumping to v74 from a version before v62 be sure to have a look at this article.

        I appreciate you!


        Released: Sept. 28, 2023
        • Versa Cards Module
          • Now you have a search option along with filters
        • Countdown Timer
          • Fixed display in Safari browser
        • Video Gallery
          • Fixed display for Vimeo and Wista embeds
        • Global Header
          • Fixed subtle page jump when scrolling down

        If you're jumping to v73 from a version before v62 be sure to have a look at this article.

        I appreciate you!


        Released: Sept. 14, 2023
        New Modules:
        • Count Up - Beta
          • This is a complete redesign of the original Number Count Up module but far improved.
        • Versa Cards Module
          • When the filter option is used, it's now displayed in alphabetical order.
        • Video Carousel Module
          • Display fix
        • Video Gallery Module
          • Display fix
        • Global Header Module
          • When the header overlap feature is disabled there is no longer a jump when the page scrolls
        • Icon and Text Module
          • Custom color is respected when Font Awesome Pro is used

        If you're jumping to v72 from a version before v62 be sure to have a look at this article.

        I appreciate you!


        Released: Sept. 1, 2023
        New Modules:
        • Versa Cards - Beta
          • This new module gives you three choices in one!
            • Flexi-Cards
            • Team Profile Cards
            • Testimonial Cards
          • Add Tag Filter option
          • Add load more and pagination options.
        • Countdown Timer (all new)
          • This module has been built from the ground up making it easier to set your event time and date as well as the time-zone for a much more accurate countdown.
        • Twitter X icon
        • Price Comparison Table
          • Default open tab on mobile
        • Content Slider
          • Improved Fill Column feature

        Bug Fixes:

        • Related Blog Posts
          • Removed the : when only the date or author is visible.
        • Blog
          • Fixed Author page when an author avatar hasn't been uploaded.

        If you're jumping to v71 from a version before v62 be sure to have a look at this article.

        I appreciate you!


        Released: June 16, 2023
        • Magic Module
          • The fullscreen background is now available on mobile devices
        • Related Blog Posts
          • Rich text edit added above the blog post so you can add extra info leading into the section.
        • Multi-Column Accordion
          • Added a way to select if you want an accordion open by default.
        • Content Slider (beta)
          • Style 2 now includes a way to navigate through the images while in lightbox mode.
        BUG FIXES:
        • Blog Listing:
          • Featured Image fix for the first card on mobile devices.
        • Video Gallery (beta)
          • Fixed lightbox feature for HubSpot native videos
        • Flexi Cards
          • Fixed spacing on tablet devices

        If you're jumping to v69 from a version before v62 be sure to have a look at this article.

        I appreciate you!


        Released: June 1-2, 2023

        IMPORTANT: Once you install this update, go to your theme settings and reset your primary and secondary colors.


        HubSpot has a new theme requirement of default colors to be set to black or white in themes in order to "pass validation" and be approved. In some cases, this new requirement can set your primary color to black. I have notified the HubSpot team about this issue.

        • Masonry Gallery
          • Now you have a new Filter option where you can give each image a tag and then filter by that tag.
        BUG FIXES:
        • Blog Listing Page: Zoomed in featured images
        • Content Slider (beta): Content spacing when using Style 3 without the icon option turned on
        • Video Gallery (beta): Video pop-up sizing on desktop and mobile
        • Card Flipper: Safari display bug

        If you're jumping to v69 from a version before v62 be sure to have a look at this article.

        I appreciate you!


        Released: May 19, 2023

        I've got an exciting update to the CLEAN Pro series ready to rock!


        • Blog Post Page
          • New RELATED posts module
          • Ability to drop featured image below the title
          • Ability to add the featured image as the background of the blog post header.
        • Video Gallery:
          • New filter option
          • Better optimization for vertical videos
        • Hover Cards
          • Ability to add a second image that shows on hover
        • Global Footer
          • New option to add disclaimer text at the very bottom of the footer.
        • Video Backgrounds
          • Added "poster" option for better SEO optimization
        • Content Slider
          • Improved image height feature for slider style 3

        If you're jumping to v67 from a version before v62 be sure to have a look at this article.

        I appreciate you!


        Released: May 2, 2023

        A quick but pretty cool update is here!


        • Content Slider:
          • Increase time for auto-rotate settings
          • Image position options for Style 1
          • Z-index setting so the slider can be "pulled up" over other rows.
        • Team Profile Cards:
          • Centered images by default
          • Phone number link fix
        • Pricing Table - Mobile spacing plus text alignment when the highlight option is used.
        • Magic Module: Modal Pop-up fixed when using the feature on multiple columns
        • Blog Post Thumbnails: Read time fix
        • Hero Slider: Auto slider timing is fixed when multiple sliders are used on the same page

        If you're jumping to v66 from a version before v62 be sure to have a look at this article.

        I appreciate you!


        Released: Mar 29, 2023

        Got an exciting update for you!

        NEW MODULE:
        • Content Slider (beta) 
        • Magic Module:
          • Divider Accent Line element
          • Font Awesome Pro integration
        • Pricing Table - Color opacity fix
        • Spacer - Divider line fix
        • Price Comparison table - Default package on mobile fix
        • Blog Post Thumbnails - Height fix

        If you're jumping to v65 from a version before v62 be sure to have a look at this article.

        I appreciate you!


        Released: Mar 3, 2023

        Hey hey! Another theme update is here. Just a few housekeeping items this time around but stay tuned because an exciting new module is on the horizon.

        • Magic Module: Option to align the rotating text feature.
        • Flexi-cards, testimonial cards, etc. Fixed height issue so all cards have a consistent height.
        • Blog Listing Page: Featured card image fix on mobile.

        If you're jumping to v64 from a version before v62 be sure to have a look at this article.

        I appreciate you!

        V.62 - 63

        Released: Feb 14, 2023

        This is an exciting update as I'm introducing a brand new module plus there are some rather large speed & performance benefits.

        New Module:
        • The Video Gallery (beta)
          Create beautiful video galleries with thumbnails that can pop-up and play videos large on the screen.
        Quick Fixes:
        • Magic Module (beta)
          • Fullscreen options works!
          • The z-index feature for the row is now respected.
          • The rotating text feature doesn't flash all text upon load.
        • Form Wizard
          • Quick CSS fix to prevent this from overriding other forms on the same page.
        • Flexi-Cards
          • Fix when adding an email address as a link

        I value all your feedback. :)




        Released: Jan 31, 2023

        Hey! Another CLEAN Pro update is here. This one includes a bit of "housekeeping" as well as some cool improvements based on your feedback!

        • Content Filter: Add "search..." placeholder text for translated pages.
        • Team Profile Cards: Now you can include rich text for the bio.
        • Card Flippers: Now you can use a HubSpot icon or Font Awesome Pro
        • Typography: Refined letter spacing options
        Quick Fixes:
        • Logo Scroller: Alignment and active state highlight.

        I value all your feedback. :)


        Released: Jan 25, 2023
        • Global Header: Ability to set "active" state in sub-nav.
        • Testimonial Slider: Cut-off issue fixed. Lighter-weight JS for speed/performance.
        • Local/Global Logo Scroller: Lighter-weight JS for speed/performance.
        • Image Gallery Grid: Now, you can add text under the image
        • Team Profile Cards: Reduced JS for speed/performance
        • Number Count Up: Added "x" symbol.
        Bug Fixes:
        • Magic Module: Having multiple Lottie animations 
        • Multi-Column Content: Modal button alignment on various devices
        • Card Flippers: Pull-up feature
        • Flexi-Table: Column 5+6 title fix



        Released: Jan 5, 2023

        Big thanks to those of you who provided feedback on the beta release of the all-new Magic Module. Based on that feedback, here is what's been added.

        • Fullscreen background option
        • Visibility options (for all modules)
        • Embedded video as a content element
        • Z-index fix when using the parallax element feature
        • Icons now respect the default color from theme settings
        • Fix for icon size setting for better consistency on the page (Note: You will want to adjust this on each page you've used the icon element in the Magic Module).
        • Border/Outline fixed in the Safari browser.
        Other Improvements:
        • Blog post cards - Removed formatting for the summary text for consistency.
        • Mega menu - Added hover delay so the mouse can go past the menu without the mega menu flashing
        • Theme settings - Fix font size on mobile for list elements.

        Happy new year! 


        Released: Dec 1, 2022

        This is a super exciting release and marks a big step forward into 2023.

        Introducing the all-new MAGIC MODULE.

        Read about all the details on my blog here.

        You can also watch the overview video below.



        Released: Nov 8, 2022

        This is the start of a series of incremental SEO optimization improvements that I'll be rolling out.

        • Mobile clickable area: Now you can set the height of the links in the header hat. Increased size of the tappable area of social icons for mobile.
        • Pricing Table: New toggle to set the position of the CTA at the bottom.
        • Team Profile Cards: Added phone icon
        • Theme CTAs: Outline buttons hover state background
        • Recent Posts: Hidden read time fixed
        • Form Wizard: Check icon fix


        Released: Oct 13, 2022

        Hey-hey another CLEAN Pro update is here to save the day!

        • Multi-Column Content: Now you can set the stacking order of columns on mobile devices
        • Tabbed Content: Now you have the option to have the tabs on the left side
        • Global Header: Now you can set the search placeholder text yourself
        • CSS Minification fix
        • Modal Style: The border-radius setting is now fixed



        Released: Oct 4, 2022

        Just a quick update with a few patches and bug fixes.

        • Hero Banner: Tablet text alignment setting fix
        • CSS minification fix
        • Form Wizard: New margin bottom setting now respected
        • Blog Post: Read time color setting
        • Form Spacing theme setting default fix


        Released: Sept 21, 2022

        Got another awesome theme update ready to rock!

        • Image Gallery Grid: New "load more" feature
        • Team Profile Cards: New modal pop-up feature
        • Image & Text Opt 1: New modal pop-up feature
        • Image & Text Opt 2: New modal pop-up feature
        • Form Settings: Ability to set the spacing below each form element
        Bug Fixes
        • Blog Post Listing Cards: Summary character limit fix
        • Local Header: Custom logo link fix



        Released: Sept 12, 2022

        Good news! Another theme update is here.

        • Hero Banner: Advanced image scale and positioning settings for the second column. Plus, content animation options.
        • Number Count Up: Option to only trigger count animation once per page load.
        Bug Fixes:
        • Async CSS loading for the Safari browser
        • Hero Banner: "Wave" feature display when the fullscreen display is on.



        Released: Sept 6, 2022

        This update primarily focuses on making CLEAN Pro even more awesome for customers on a CMS STARTER plan. Now, you have the option to use general buttons in place of HubSpot CTAs throughout various modules which include the CTA feature.

        • Blog Hero Banner: Edit the "Filter by Tag" dropdown label
        • Map & Text: Better responsive stacking on tablets
        • Image & Text Opt 1: Better responsive stacking on tablets


        Released: Aug 2, 2022

        Just a quick follow-along version update to v48.

        • Performance: Added "preconnect" calls to google fonts. Plus better CSS loading.
        • Hero Banner: Background image positioning
        • Number Count Up: New symbol placement
        • Blog Listing Post Cards: Featured image loading


        Released: July 28, 2022
        • Global Header: Ability to set custom logo link
        • Speed/Performance: Better lazy loading for background images
        • Accessibility: Better screen reader support
        • Logo Scroller: Ability to adjust rotation speed
        • Number Count Up: New symbols added
        • Content Filter: Safari display fix
        • Multi-Column Content: Background video console error fix
        • Testimonial Scroller: Mobile font size fix


        Released: July 20, 2022
        • Icon & Text: Now you can align the icon to the left of the content.
        • Image Gallery Grid: Toggle on/off image link option
        • Global Header: Shows nav underline when on a sub-page
        • Accessibility: Added "Skip to content" for screen readers
        • Social Media: Added Telegram, Tiktok, and Discord options
        Bug Fixes:
        • Video background: Fixed jump during loop transition
        • Blog Listing: Fixed orphaned posts on paginated pages
        • Form Wizard: Fixed the error style bug
        • Content Filter Opt 2: Fixed card height bug
        • Blog Post template: Fixed feature image alt text 


        Released: July 5, 2022
        • The "Wave" feature now has straight angles!
        • Site Search: Now better multi-lingual support
        • Pricing Table: More control over text alignment
        • "Sticky Header": Ability to set how soon it slides down
        • Hero Banner: Text Alignment specific to Tablet view
        • Number Count Up: Added "K" to symbol options
        Bug Fixes:
        • Testimonial Cards: Text color for name and title
        • Header Footer Overrides: Center logo fix
        • Follow Me LP module: Fixed issue with icon color
        • Blog Post Grid Cards: When author is hidden the : no longer shows.
        • Team Page Template: Now uses the updated Team Profile Card module
        • Price Comparison Table: Tool tip background color option now works

        You're Awesome!


        Released: June 8, 2022
        NEW MODULES:
        • Form Wizard - Awesome way to create a form with a flow of steps.
        • Accessibility - Overall improvements
        • Hover Cards - Now you can make the card a link, plus much more control over the text placement.
        • Price Comparison Table - Now, you can select to have only one column to display features.
        • Theme settings - Added the ability to set bullet point list spacing.
        • Accessibility - General improvement in the global header

        You're Awesome!


        Released: May 27, 2022

        NEW MODULE

        • Meeting Scheduler - Now you can add your HubSpot meeting calendar to web pages.


        • Testimonial Scroller - Now use any sized image at the bottom
        • Local Header - Now set a unique link for the logo
        • Content Filter Opt 2 - Now control lazy image loading
        • Hero Banner - Added button styles for the modal pop-up option
        • Multi-Column Content - Added button styles for the modal pop-up option


        Released: May 23, 2022

        Even more cool updates to the CLEAN theme are ready for you.

        NEW MODULES:
        • Breadcrumb
        • LOCAL Header & Footer - Great for pages where you need to add a different logo or nav bar
        • Accessibility - Overall improvements
        • Team Profile Cards - Better spacing for social icons
        • Hover Cards - Ability to set a specific height for tablets
        • Image and Text Opt 2 - Option to make the image a link
        • Hero Banner - Ability to add a video placeholder image to prevent loop flash
        • Multi-Column Content - Ability to add a video placeholder image to prevent loop flash
        • Global Header  - Logo now uses URL link from domains Brand Kit

        You're Awesome!


        Released: May 6, 2022


        • Logo Scroller - Now you can set the number of logos shown on tablet and mobile devices.
        • Countdown Timer - Set the label that shows below the day, hour, min, etc.
        • Global Footer - When using a form, you can now select the alt button style

        BUG FIXES:

        • Global Header - Now respects the company logo set in the brand kit.
        • Recent Blog Posts - Fixes columns to show 3 posts per row.


        Released: May 2, 2022

        Oh yeah! Some cool new updates are here for ya.

        • Blog Listing Post Cards - Now you'll have far more control over the number of columns, font sizes, etc.
        • Feature Comparison Module - Now you can hide the pricing row altogether.
        • Logo Scroller - Better alignment for various sized logos
        • Accordion Menu - Ability to add content above menu
        BUG FIXES:
        • Flexi-Cards - Fixed text link from dropping on a new line
        • Masonry Image Grid - Fixed issue when multiple are used on a page

        You're Awesome!


        Released: April 27, 2022

        Just a few quick fixes.

        • Blog Filter by Tag - Now alphabetical
        • Inclusion of additional column layouts in multiple modules
        • Video Carousel - Fixed bug with main video's height
        • Hero Banner - Fixed text alignment setting on mobile
        • Multi-Column Content - Fixed form when overlay color is used
        • Accordion Menu - Fixed style issue with long labels
        • Image and Text Opt 2 - Fixed mobile style when vertical alignment is used.


        Released: Mar 16, 2022

        Just a few quick fixes.

        • Global Header Module v2- Ability to turn the overlap feature on and off.
        Bug Fixes:
        • Accordion menu - Fix for the "sticky" feature
        • Theme settings - Fix for the line height on list items
        • Global footer - Fix for column size when 2 columns are selected
        • Multi-Column Accordion - Fix for when a numbered list is used
        • Blog Listing Cards - Fix for "read time" to be more accurate
        • Flexi Table - Fix for when anchor links are clicked


        Released: Feb 23, 2022

        Here are some super cool improvements to the CLEAN Pro theme. 

        • Team Profile Cards - Ability to center cards (ie. 3 cards on the top row, 2 on the row below)
        • Two New CTA styles - Now you can have a total of 5 CTA styles
        • Price Comparison Table - Ability to hide the CTA row at the base of the columns
        • Global Header v2 - Ability to add rich text above the nav menu
        • Image Grid module - Better mobile responsiveness. 
        • Image and Text Opt 2 - Ordering system now works for tablets along with mobile
        • Image and Text Opt 2 - Image options to scale and position the image for awesome effects. 
        Bug Fixes:
        • Image and Text Opt 2 - Divider alignment fix
        • Card Flipper - Fixed tablet and mobile height property
        • Pricing Table - Fixed issue with pull-up feature and column padding
        • Blog post text links - Random issue when link includes a <span>
        • Flexi Cards - Parallax option is smoother
        • Multi-Column Content - Fixed double background issue when a form is used.
        • Hero Banner - Fixed modal pop-up button to have more space below on mobile
        • Global Header - Fixed so anchor links close the sidebar when clicked
        • Blog Listing Post Cards - Fixed the : from showing with author name is hidden.
        • Blog Listing - Fixed issue when single post is on last page and super thin


        Released: Nov 9, 2021

        You're awesome and so is this update.

        New Module:
        • The Flexi Table - This handy module will let you create tables that look great on desktop and mobile.
        • Global Footer - More blog post display options to show recent posts
        • Image and Text Opt 1 & 2 - Ability to show the image first on mobile 
        • Video and Text - Ability to show the video first on mobile
        • Blog Post Page - Ability to remove the featured image from the header portion

        Bug Fixes:
        • Image and Text - Fixed the vertical alignment bug. 


        Released: Oct 26, 2021

        You're awesome and so is this update.

        New Template:
        • Drag-n-Drop Blog Listing Page  - Utilize HubSpot's all-new blog listing editor to design the page with ease.
        New Module:
        • Global Logo Scroller - User this on multiple pages. Updated it in one place and all pages get updated!

        Bug Fixes:
        • Global Header v2 - Accessibility feature fix by hiding "Toggle Menu" in the sidebar
        • Modal Pop-up - Fix so the width setting is respected
        • Mega Menu - Small display bug on Firefox


        Released: Oct 10, 2021

        I love creating new custom modules based on popular customer requests.  You asked for it, you shall receive.

        New Custom Module:
        • Timeline - Now you can create a timeline of significant events or even document a specific process. It's that flexible.
        Bug Fixes:
        • Image and Text Opt 2 - Fixed issue with text overlay that was introduced in prior update
        • Countdown Timer - Fixed issue with NaN being displayed in Safari due to a "0" being used for any of the time inputs.
        Happy Inbound Week!


        Released: Oct 5, 2021

        A few updates ready to rock

        • Blog Listing - Modified the summary text truncation so the featured card on top shows 250 characters while the smaller cards show 150. Plus the ability to control the spacing of the header via the theme settings.
        • Hero Banner - Added in the option to adjust the speed of the rotating text.
        • Icon and Text - Added in the ability to control loading options
        • Search Results - Ability to control the spacing of the header
        Bug Fixes:
        • Form style - Fixed text overlap issue when checkboxes are used in combination with very long labels
        Enjoy all the awesome new CLEAN features and fixes.


        Released: Sept 27, 2021

        A minimal but nice update to have. Here's what's new.

        • Global Header v2 - An option to turn on the sticky header on for mobile & tablet
        • Global Footer - Now you can set the way you'd like the logo image to load
        • Blog Post & Listing Page: Better translation features for the "helper words" in the template.
        • Blog Listing: Automated truncation for first blog post card
        Bug Fixes:
        • Wave feature: Fixed thin line that would appear on IE and when the browser is zoomed out
        • Blog Post Template: Fixed stacking sidebar
        • Blog Post Header: Fixed spacing bug on tablets
        Enjoy all the awesome new CLEAN features and fixes.


        CURRENT - Released: Sept 16, 2021

        Hey hey, another CLEAN update is on the way!  You'll notice the jump to version 31. Caught two small things post submission to HubSpot.

        • Accessibility fixes to the global header and footer module. 
        • Updated jQuery 3.6.0 library
        • Mega Menu UX: Hovering over the little down arrow now also triggers the mega menu.
        • Hero Banner: You now have additional control over the background image placement and size on mobile devices
        • Multi-Column Content Module: You can not add/remove the space between each column.
        • Testimonial Scroller gets updated lazy image loading logic. 
        Bug Fixes:
        • Blog Post Thumbnails: Added space between the author name and publish date.
        • Multi-Column Content Module: Fixed issue with inner shadow feature.


        Released: Sept 9, 2021

        Let the good times roll with a new CLEAN update!

        • Hero Banner - Option to include a modal pop-up.
        • Global Footer - Option to set the background to a gradient or image.
        • Testimonial Cards - Updated lazy image loading.
        • Pricing Table - Logic to remove space when fields aren't being used
        • Image & Text Opt 2 - Ability to vertically align content with image
        Bug Fixes:
        • Tabbed Content - Fixed bullet points when using a list
        • Blog Typography - Fixed setting for uppercase, lowercase, etc.
        • Blog Post Thumbnails - Fixed device visibility options
        • Blog Post Sidebar - Fixed stacking issue on mobile
        • Countdown Timer - Fixed issue with Safari showing "NaN"
        • Global Header v2 - Fixed color setting for main links in the sidebar
        • Global Header v2 - Fixed font-weight issue in header hat
        Enjoy all the awesome new CLEAN features and fixes.


        Released: August 3, 2021

        This simple release is in conjunction with HubSpot's new marketplace launch that took place on 8/3/21.  This version is simply part of their resubmission process and largely doesn't contain any additional updates, improvements, or new modules from v.24.  


        Released: June 9, 2021

        This update primarily includes a handful of minor CSS bug fixes and a few improvements. Here's what's been updated:

        • Global Header Opt 2 
          • Added logic to hide the language switcher icon from displaying on the blog when the blog isn't translated in different languages.
          • Sidebar: Fixed the "extras nav" which resides in the sidebar (hamburger menu). When the label of the link had a lot of characters it would get truncated. That's been removed. 
          • Sidebar: When the main nav is included in the sidebar, I fixed the issue with the sub-links running outside of the menu when using a really long nav label. 
        • Multi-Column Content module
          • Added logic to help reduce CSS loaded on the page for better performance.
        • Multi-Column Accordion module
          • Added logic to help reduce CSS loaded on the page for better performance.
        • Testimonial Cards module
          • Fixed bug with a broken link on 4th card.
        • Divider Accent Line
          • Fixed bug with alignment on mobile devices
        • Job Listing module
          • Added ability to customize the link color.
        • Content Filter Opt 2
          • You can now add multiple content filters modules to the same page. 

        v.22-23 - CLEAN 6.2 Release

        Released: April 27, 2021

        This exciting release of CLEAN and all that was included can be found here on this blog post