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        CLEAN Theme

        Release Notes

        This is where you'll be able to find a breakdown of what's included in each update to the CLEAN theme. These included things like new modules, improvements to existing modules, bug fixes, etc. 



        CURRENT - Released: Sept 16, 2021

        Hey hey, another CLEAN update is on the way!  You'll notice the jump to version 31. Caught two small things post submission to HubSpot.

        • Accessibility fixes to the global header and footer module. 
        • Updated jQuery 3.6.0 library
        • Mega Menu UX: Hovering over the little down arrow now also triggers the mega menu.
        • Hero Banner: You now have additional control over the background image placement and size on mobile devices
        • Multi-Column Content Module: You can not add/remove the space between each column.
        • Testimonial Scroller gets updated lazy image loading logic. 
        Bug Fixes:
        • Blog Post Thumbnails: Added space between the author name and publish date.
        • Multi-Column Content Module: Fixed issue with inner shadow feature.


        Released: Sept 9, 2021

        Let the good times roll with a new CLEAN update!

        • Hero Banner - Option to include a modal pop-up.
        • Global Footer - Option to set the background to a gradient or image.
        • Testimonial Cards - Updated lazy image loading.
        • Pricing Table - Logic to remove space when fields aren't being used
        • Image & Text Opt 2 - Ability to vertically align content with image
        Bug Fixes:
        • Tabbed Content - Fixed bullet points when using a list
        • Blog Typography - Fixed setting for uppercase, lowercase, etc.
        • Blog Post Thumbnails - Fixed device visibility options
        • Blog Post Sidebar - Fixed stacking issue on mobile
        • Countdown Timer - Fixed issue with Safari showing "NaN"
        • Global Header v2 - Fixed color setting for main links in the sidebar
        • Global Header v2 - Fixed font-weight issue in header hat
        Enjoy all the awesome new CLEAN features and fixes.


        Released: August 3, 2021

        This simple release is in conjunction with HubSpot's new marketplace launch that took place on 8/3/21.  This version is simply part of their resubmission process and largely doesn't contain any additional updates, improvements, or new modules from v.24.  


        Released: June 9, 2021

        This update primarily includes a handful of minor CSS bug fixes and a few improvements. Here's what's been updated:

        • Global Header Opt 2 
          • Added logic to hide the language switcher icon from displaying on the blog when the blog isn't translated in different languages.
          • Sidebar: Fixed the "extras nav" which resides in the sidebar (hamburger menu). When the label of the link had a lot of characters it would get truncated. That's been removed. 
          • Sidebar: When the main nav is included in the sidebar, I fixed the issue with the sub-links running outside of the menu when using a really long nav label. 
        • Multi-Column Content module
          • Added logic to help reduce CSS loaded on the page for better performance.
        • Multi-Column Accordion module
          • Added logic to help reduce CSS loaded on the page for better performance.
        • Testimonial Cards module
          • Fixed bug with a broken link on 4th card.
        • Divider Accent Line
          • Fixed bug with alignment on mobile devices
        • Job Listing module
          • Added ability to customize the link color.
        • Content Filter Opt 2
          • You can now add multiple content filters modules to the same page. 

        v.22-23 - CLEAN 6.2 Release

        Released: April 27, 2021

        This exciting release of CLEAN and all that was included can be found here on this blog post